In 1860, a small frame structure was purchased and St. Michael Roman Catholic Church had a new place to call home.  Much growth and transformation has occurred in the past 160 years.  Presently, to improve the layout of the church and accessibility for the parishioners, modifications are being made to the preexisting structure.

The new main church entrance is now at what was once the back of the church to provide easier accessibility. To accommodate the reversal of entrances, the parking lot was completely transposed as well. The new parking lot is larger, which accommodates more than 800 parishioners.  The alter followed the “reversal” conversion and was switched to what used to be the back of the church (but is now the front).  Now, the natural sunlight can come through the stained-glass windows and shine onto the alter.

During the remodel, the cross on top of the steeple was taken down, repaired and painted a beautiful gold color.

We have two highly experienced team members spearheading this project. Tom Wechsler returned to St. Michael Church to supervise this significant renovation.  Previously, Tom supervised the building of the Fr. Severin Life Center named after one of the Parish’s beloved Pastors. In addition to the church remodel, we connected the Fr. Severin Life center to the office and the school. Tom has been a Superintendent with Stenz for over 23 years.  During this time Tom has received numerous Letters of Appreciation from many of his clients:

“Thank you for pouring so much of yourself into the construction of our new activity building.”

“Thank you for your hard work, kind presence and steady hand, craftsmanship, dedication and overall support.”

Donna Tarr joined Stenz Corporation in 2015.  During the five years Donna has been the Senior Project Manager on many of our major projects. She approaches each project with professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication. Donna has a great working relationship with the Architect on this project, Kevin Stuckwisch from entheos Architects.

Donna and Tom make an exceptional team.  They both are honored that St. Michael Church has entrusted their Sacred Space to them.  They approach religious projects with the highest level of respect for the congregation and the desired use of the space.