Stenz Management is pleased to present several members of our fine Maintenance Staff.

We asked this team of workers what they like about their job; this is what they said …………..


Jeff likes being a part of the Stenz Family and feels very close to the owners.  Jeff is very good at shifting gears at a moment’s notice, which is something the job demands.  Jeff is a lifelong student and loves learning something new all the time. Currently, he is further educating himself in the fields of electronics, plumbing and mechanics (just to mention a few).


James likes that there is never a dull moment.  There is always something interesting and different to do. He is seen here at the Marietta Building located on Mass Ave.  He is investigating what is creating the noise in the tenant’s call center space.  James enjoys working with all his many tenants, contractors, and co-workers.  James is very knowledgably about building systems and he loves to stay busy, so this is the perfect job for him.


Ennis who is pictured here in our Headquarters’ Building, located at 429 N. Pennsylvania Street, has been with Stenz for over ten years.  He looks forward to coming to work every morning because he loves the people who have become his family.  He likes the atmosphere at Stenz and that everybody is on the same page.  “We’ve got each other’s back; we are always looking out for one another.

We caught up with Katoni and Mike at the Service Center for the Indianapolis Public Library..


Katoni likes working at all the many library locations.  The Librarians are very friendly and easy to work with, as is all the entire staff.  He enjoys traveling around to the 24 branches and working in the Service Center, located at 2450 N. Meridian, where he is pictured.  The conveyor belt, seen in this picture, helps to transfer the books to their final destinations. There is always something unique to do, including getting birds out of the inside of the library (without harming them).  Katoni does it so well that he has earned the title “Bird Whisperer”.


Mike is an expert at repairing the conveyor belt system.  He often meets with the executives of the company, P.V. Supa, who fly in from Finland where the conveyor belt is manufactured.  The roller bearings always need to be inspected, greased and sometimes replaced.  Mike also spends a lot of his time at the Central Library located downtown.  Mike likes that Stenz is family oriented business and likes that he has a close connection to the owners.  He also likes that the company promotes from within.